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Doll body customization

Call for Price

FDoll offer Doll body customization for customers.

1.Doll size
we can resize FDoll current doll body for customer only.we don't  "copy" other company's doll body for customers.The size from 15cm-90cm is possible.

The minimum order quantity is 10 doll bodies in one color.

3.Resin color match
You can order any color that we have,or you send us the color sample.

Please let us know the size and ask a exact quote.

As for the 10 doll bodies,we can ship them to one customer or 10 different customers.

6.Other service
we can modify the doll neck and let the neck fit your doll head well,you should send us the head,we will send it back with the body.

If you have any other questions,please feel free to contact us:service@fdoll.com.

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